It is less important to redistribute wealth than it is to redistribute opportunity
Arthur H. Vandenburg

Opportunity….We all need it and we all need to recognize it.  A couple of weeks ago I led with the line ‘we need to recognize the opportunity in every difficulty instead of the difficulty in every opportunity’.  Some will tell you today that opportunity is only afforded to the one percenters.  I say ‘Hogwash’!  Opportunity is for everybody.  It is for the illegal alien crossing into this country planning for a better life.  It is for the inner city poor that has saved money, found scholarships and going to start their first semester of community college.  It’s for the convict getting out of prison.  It’s for the 27 year old kid that hopes to take a little trucking company a long way…..even if it takes decades to break through.

We’ve been given the opportunity to take over most of the Permian Basin for Halliburton.  My guess is that I will need twice the equipment than I first predicted (50 trucks vs. 25 trucks) within the next 90 days.  Now opportunity even when realized is never without sacrifice.  Going without has been a mantra of mine for the past 30 years. Sacrifice fully felt will eventually be acknowledged, and fed.  My bride, Lisa wonders when we are going to quit growing and stop spending and borrowing money.  My best answer?  We will quit growing when the opportunities stop.

I find new opportunities every day in new clients, new deals, new processes and new people.  Sometimes a new opportunity is presented for your benefit.  But far better is when YOU are the new opportunity for someone else.  I want to welcome Jose Rangel back to the company after being away.  I wanted to give Jose a fresh opportunity.  Lord knows he deserves it.  I feel better because I was able to offer hope to someone who made the most of their own opportunity. The really big opportunity for Lake Oilfield Services will be happening next week. And that will be worth writing about.

Until next week…

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