You better be dancing when the spotlight hits you

“You better be dancing when the spotlight hits you”
Richard Jan Hill 2012

Nothing could be truer.  I was thinking about that earlier, about it taking 25 years to have any success and thirty to get some acknowledgement on our efforts.  I thank Rich for teaching this little lesson; it has made it more fun to put my time in while we wait for the results.

Well, let’s see if I can even chronicle everything that has happened…..

Oh yeah, speaking of Chronicle, We were written up in the San Antonio Business Journal yesterday.  Fantastic article, great photos (I still look old).  That came from Dave Jagges’ tireless efforts.  I predict we will be swamped with calls next week.

We entered in with a Mexican mineral rights owned to partner with them on five barite mines on 18,000 acres in northern Mexico.  Truly a serendipity experience if I ever saw one.  Share a cigar and a sniffer of cognac with me sometime and I will tell you the story.

Took delivery of our first 4 bulk barite tanks and are entertaining offers for their sale and/or lease.  They look so good on the property that I might not sell them.

Got the Permian Basin Division going.  There is still more work that needs to be done, but have got it started.

We had a great article in the Midland Reporter Times.  I could not be happier with the kind reporter that spent over an hour with me in Midland.

Mr. Gerardo Gallegos wants to open a JV (joint venture not Junior Varsity) trailer leasing business with Lake Oilfield.

And finally, I was asked to give a 20 minute speech to the Desk and Derrick Club of San Antonio.  It was a great, great evening.  But what made it special was being given the opportunity to use this event to launch the Joe P. Cain Memorial Excellence Award Scholarship.  Please watch the video of that evening here on our website on the “Updates” page.
Daddy:  I hope I made you proud with that one.

Dancing when the spotlight hits you, yeah, I think I have been doing the Tango with Lake for about 30 years now.  We are both ready for the big time.

Until next week

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