Douglas Sterling Cain


Chief Executive Officer & President

One Man’s Climb; A Portrait of Hope
With honor and integrity as his foothold, Douglas Sterling Cain has climbed a mountain. The payoff for intense devotion, sacrifice and round-the-clock work, has yielded a 300% growth in his company, Lake Truck Lines over the past two years.

Lake Truck Lines humble beginnings were rooted in Houston, Texas, formed in 1949 by Doug’s father, Joe P. Cain. From about age 12, the company grounds became a mentoring place for young Douglas when he wasn’t in school. Eventually, with the retirement of his father and the decision to purchase the company in 1983, Douglas Sterling Cain began his climb.

He links the company’s recent growth and success to a decision to move the headquarters from Houston to San Antonio, believing that it all happened by “grand design.” The company arrived in San Antonio with 12 trucks and now they are operating close to 100 and are quickly becoming THE solution for custom oilfield equipment and tank manufacturing, as well as oilfield transportation and logistics. Companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger, Compass Drilling Services, and Horizon Drilling Fluids, to name a few, are finding their needs met efficiently and effectively. The Eagle Ford Shale, Permian Basin and the Southwestern United States is the area that Lake Truck Lines is now servicing and expansion plans are in the process.

Cain prides himself on being innovative and “staying ahead of the curve.” His employees are encouraged to be perceptive as to what kind of equipment will make oilfield jobs safer and more effective. Out of this desire, a subsidiary company, Lake Oilfield Services, was born. This new baby is quickly learning to stand on it’s own, already boasting the manufacturing of 6 different types of equipment used in the oilfield. Projections are to expand the equipment line to nine types by the end of 2013. Lake Oilfield Services long-term plan is to add one new design every six months – resulting in a complete line of equipment, by year-end, 2015.

Mr. Cain was recently invited to be a panelist in Washington D.C. at “The National Press Club” on the show, “The Hard Question,” whose goal is to illuminate key issues pertaining to energy and the economy in the US. Doug Cain is an ambassador of hope regarding opportunity and jobs. His intention is to be part of the solution – helping the economic surge that has occurred in rural towns due to the oil boom, gain momentum and have “staying power.”

In his own words, Cain sums up what he tries to live by – “Honor and integrity is incredibly expensive on Monday, but the dividends show up on Friday.” Cain, indeed, has an eagle eye view from the mountain he has climbed. Each decision made has enabled him to ascend the steep slope, relying on honor and integrity to get him to the top.

As an authority on Transportation Oilfield Logistics and issues pertaining to the Oilfield fracking process, Doug S. Cain is a respected published author, speaker and radio/TV personality.

Member Associations: San Antonio Economic Development Council, Texas Railroad Commission-Eagle Ford Task Force, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers-South Texas Wildcatters, San Antonio Desk and Derrick Club.

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