Permian Basin Division Opening

Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped.
Calvin Coolidge

Well, another milestone is upon us.  We just birthed the Permian Basin Division (PBD).  We expect some great things out there.  Not just revenues but personal growth of people.  Good people, people learning how to think through problems, making good decisions, planning out their actions.

I am expecting great things out of our Manager of PBD, Latio Fernandez.  Latio started as mechanics helper on the yard but Operations Manager Jerry Santos and I saw more out of him than just that as time went on.  He’s excited, a little nervous, but mostly excited about this opportunity.  He is not only changing states by moving to New Mexico, he’s changing time zones.  What won’t change is his work ethic.

On top of this I am having everyone write out their job descriptions and present them at the next staff meeting.  I will even be writing mine.  Have you really thought about all the things you do in your day to day job duties?  It’s enormous!  Sometimes it’s hard to describe what your job function is because you do so many things outside the box.  Sometimes your job description morphs over time.  I dispatched for 28 years, every load, and every day but today I have not dispatched a load in almost 2 years (Best two years of my life).  I typed every invoice but have not done one in a couple of months.

We are having Latio work on his job description, my guess it will be a living document that will be modified weekly for the better part of six months.  Our growth will give him the education he needs in order to fully understand his place in the organization and perhaps teach me how far he can go.  I guess we can all take a lesson from that.

We send the six trucks and Latio out on Wednesday (along with Jerry for the first week).  We will have a photo session along with a video interview done and posted on the website next week.

Exciting days and this is just the start…

Until Next Week

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