A man there was and they called him mad, the more he gave, the more he had

A man there was and they called him mad, the more he gave, the more he had. -John Bunyan

To a logical thinker like me, I read that and “Yeah Riiiiiiight.” But the other side of my brain sees that it is absolutely true. A very wise man Bill Ferguson, once taught me “If you put your focus on yourself, your life is guaranteed to be full of crap, if you put your focus on others your life will be beautiful.” I have heard some true words in life, but truer words have never been spoken. Thanks Bill for the many lessons you have taught me.

Now speaking of wise men, I need to give you an update. Effective immediately, I will no longer be writing Blogs for Lake Truck Lines. The three of you that keep up with the blog, I am sure will be heart broken.

There is a much larger picture being painted right now and in fact the canvas is about 63 years and 3 months old. I am hanging it up in the running of the company. Nah, I’m not dying or retiring, something bigger than that is taking place.

For the first time, Lake Truck Lines, Inc. has hired a Chief Operating Officer (COO). I will still be President, but I felt that it was time for Lake to be run by a professional instead of a 30 year rookie like me.

With this, I announce the hiring of Mr. Bruce Booker as COO. Bruce has been our Houston Manager for the past 18 months and prior to that, proved his mettle by running the nightmare known as the Pennsylvania Experience. He will introduce himself to you three readers next week when he gives his first blog.

So, the lesson of the day is “The more you give, the more you Have”…..Hmmmm, I can work with that.

Today I will be just a tad selfish. The more I gave to the Company and to its employee partner family, I was rewarded tenfold. But that’s the easy part. Anyone can say “One Invested, Ten Returned”. But what happens when it’s “One Invested……..Nothing,” “One Invested…..Nothing?” Well what happens is that you change your paradigm.

You change seeing what you “Have.” “The More You Give, changes the More You Have.” It ain’t always apples to apples Baby. Sometimes it’s apples to oranges and sometimes it’s even apples to lumps of coal. My point is your rewards are everywhere around you and I mean everywhere. Sometimes, you don’t need the apple; you need the orange because you have a sore throat. Sometimes you need the lump of coal to keep you warm on a cold night. Maybe you gave an apple and all you got in return was a rock. Maybe you needed some recreation time…..and you skipped the rock on a lake…and it made you happy.

My point in all of this is do not give with the end in mind! Give just to give!

After thirty years, I have just started truly giving to the company.

Now to those of you concerned about reading my words of wisdom, you can find me at the website for Lake Oilfield Services at www.lakeoilfieldservices.com starting next week.

Thank you all for 3 decades of heartaches, blessing, challenges and achievements. Thanks to the Universe for determining whether I needed an apple, or an orange, or coal, or a rock. I will continue to give my all for my company and its many partners and employees.

God Bless and Good Night

Douglas Cain

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