Lake U: A Revolutionary Approach to Employee Empowerment

Lake Truck Lines is committed to life-long learning, and its Lake U centers around the company’s five core values, and links a specific book with each of these core values to create an exciting learning experience for employees.

With a customized curriculum and ongoing studies conducted online and in person, employees are offered an extensive body of knowledge taught in an interactive, hands-on approach that anchors learning and teaches critical thinking in solving problems and proactive communication.

Tied to company objectives, Lake U is designed to continually empower and enrich the lives of its employees, and through its grading program and constant feedback with instructor Jennifer Webb of Magic Communications, Lake management can quantify how effectively and efficiently each employee is learning and mastering the material.

Core values at Lake correlate with selected books to accelerate the breadth and depth of understanding. As an example, listed below are the five core values and accompanying books:

Core Value–Honesty: Truthful in all matters, Book: The One Minute Manager

Core Value–Passion-Dedication: Not one day wasted…a sense of urgency in all matters, Book: Our Iceberg is Melting

Core Value–Salesmanship: Solutions with a partner perspective, Book: Verbal Judo

Core Value–Results Oriented: Doing not just trying, Book: The Power of Habit

Core Value–Communication: Clear, Concise and Consistent- Communication is valued from everyone, Book: Nonverbal Communication

Milestones are acknowledged, certifications are given at the end of each course, and high grades and accomplishments are often rewarded with various incentives. Lake Truck Lines has an attitude, and it’s contagious; it’s about giving every employee a set of powerful tools to help him/her grow, along with Lake. As Lake Truck Lines becomes the best in the industry, its employees are the best as well. And that doesn’t happen without work, knowledge and vision!