Too Mundane?

An exciting week, but what to bring to print? Sometimes the most mundane things will take on the sheen of importance with the seasoning of time. What I am looking at, all the deals that came across my desk this week. Not just one deal, but multiple deals. Not just on one day but most every day last week. Folks, mark down this week; for starting now the feeding frenzy got started.

I am in the middle of brokering a deal for frac sand. On one side is a client of mine and on the other is the grandson of a past U.S. President (who happened to be an old friend of my late father). Brought to me by my architect, it is amazing to me the people that come into my life.

I fielded a phone call where two complete strangers want me to haul oil from tanks at the rig sites. Better than that: I tried to give the business to my dear old friend Rich Atwell, and he just said, ’Doug, that’s not what we do, but I have 5 oil tankers you are welcome to use for free’. Makes you wonder about serendipity.
Later, I am contacted by a very old friend of mine, (nicknamed Frog) who asks if I have a source for frac sand and can I haul oil from rig sites? Now I don’t know about you but having two identical deals from two different people come in at the same time, is just a bit too coincidental.

There is more to write but right now it’s too mundane, I think I will give the subjects some time….to get the sheen of importance.

Until next week

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