Ooops for those of you nursing a bitty headache:  Happy New Year.

Well it’s a new year, a new day, a new time for all of us. For those of us prone to self reflection, a time to look forward by looking back. A time to replace old worn out habits that did not serve us with ones that bring us to our very, very best.

I want to first thank all my managers for bringing us through and so very far in 2011. You have done a great job, now stop patting yourself on the back and let’s attack 2012.

How will we be attacking 2012? By questioning everything we do and have done over the past 6 decades. By looking at our processes and examining them closely.  Do they serve us, the contractor, the customer. I have found that I have learned more in the last 6 months than the last 26 years. And it makes me hungry for even more.

We will be going after new clients and building strong relationships with our present clients. There will be tremendous growth in 2012 but there will also be growth from our competition, and we must prepare for that.

We will be growing intelligently. Evaluating each new opportunity, running that opportunity through a new number of tests to see if it fits our business model. We will be taking debt on only in a way that allows us to maximize our assets and allows to better serve our clients. Thank you to my banker, Russell Gribble for teaching me that. There will be many deals that we pass on because it is not who we are.

Me personally? Well, I am going to lose weight (diet and exercise, I already have a plan), double my sales calls, relearn golf. Get rid of bad habits and replace them good ones. You can help. I will put my weight down each blog. If I lose weight, give me an atta boy, if I don’t, take me to the woodshed.

No matter what you are doing in your life, reestablish a plan to make your life better and more productive…..and if you need to, lose a few pounds.  You will look better by 2013.

Until next week…

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