The test of a true man…authority

The test of a true man…authority.  Authority is an amazing, addictive, sometimes overwhelming thing. It can also be a test of a person’s true character. Authority welded in the right manner can produce the best in men. It can change the world and make amazing things happen. Companies have been built, lives changed. Power used in the wrong manner can destroy. This is where ones character comes into play. Such authority without character, without a true moral compass, can bring down a company and destroy the lives of many in its wake.  It is important for anyone in a true position of authority, to seek and be an example of strength, authority and true character. To live their lives and weld the power and authority bestowed upon them with same high standards they expect others around them to follow.  It is also important to understand the impact of every decision they make and be strong enough in their convictions to hold themselves and others around them accountable for their every action.   The test of a person in a position of authority is simple; Be an example of true character and honor. Respect those around you and their lives, and run your business and your life in a way that others around you will wholeheartedly respect and willfully follow.

Authority can be given but respect and trust are earned. All these things are necessary to be successful and increase the success of those around you.


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