Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. – Christian D. Larson

Belief in oneself….and knowing oneself.  Different sides of the same coin.  Actually I believed in myself long before I knew I would be a success. Mostly it was just believing in the lessons I had learned earlier in my life, that I know would serve me and take me through all those ‘obstacles’ and take me through to the other side.

I am working with a contractor in Odessa right now.  It seems that no matter how hard he works he is facing obstacle after obstacle.   Each one seeming more insurmountable than the last.  I can relate and I am sure you can relate as well.  How many of us have asked ‘When is this ever going to stop’?  I propose to you an answer that is cold comfort…never.  And that’s good!

Why do we need to be challenged at every corner?  Is it some sort of masochistic self improvement plan I believe in.  No, not really.  It’s just that our lives are a collection of acquaintances, feelings, experiences, revelations, and loves.  This collection is what makes you what you are today.  But the book of your life has not been fully written yet and you are not yet what you are going to become.

I cherish each and every obstacle and challenge that has come my way over the past 3 decades.  And it is not as though, that even having a modicum of success, I do not find that I have any fewer obstacles.  The difference is I am now having the tools to handle those obstacles…and my tool bag increases with new tools each week.

And I know there is something inside of me that is greater than the challenges before me. The reason I am not worried about those future obstacles?  Because I have solved larger problems in the past and by solving those problems I have the confidence that the universe will bring me the solution I need to serve my company, my clients, my employees, and my vendors.

So the next time a challenge or obstacle is put in front of you don’t wring your hands and say ‘Woe is me’.  Accept the challenge, believe in yourself and look forward to coming out through the other side… with a new tool in your bag.