Another exciting week for Lake

We had Gerardo Gallegos, President of Gallegos Trailers of Durango Mexico in the office to discuss the next phase of our expansion. Lake Truck Lines is now the official Distributor of Gallegos Trailers in San Antonio, Texas.

This is important because our dependence on Gallegos Trailers for our expansion in the oilfields of the Eagle Ford Shale. We will be up to 50 trailers by the end of the year and our goal is to be at 100 trailers by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2012.

By being able to sell Gallegos Trailers we will add another revenue stream to our facility and make the company even more profitable and more competitive. This will allow Gallegos to have access to a more significant market than ever before.

The beginnings of another milestone were also discussed. The expansion of Gallegos into the oilfield equipment business is being developed, but that is a subject for another blog in the future.

What is the Eagle Ford Shale?

People ask me what the Eagle Ford Shale is and where is it located. The Eagle Ford Shale is located in South Texas and the formation produces from various depths between 4,000 and 14,000 feet. The Eagle Ford Shale takes its name from the town of Eagle Ford Texas where the shale outcrops at the surface in clay form. (Often, the Eagle Ford is mistakenly spelled as Eagleford.) The Eagle Ford is a booming shale play, results indicate there will be development activity for a long time to come. Visit the Eagle Ford Shale Drilling and Rig Count page to keep up oil & gas activity across South Texas. The Eagle Ford also benefits from high liquids yields across much of the play. Higher oil prices have helped spur development as oil, condensate and NGLs (ethane, propane, and butane) all command better prices than natural gas. From what our clients tell us there is 10-15 years of work drilling in 12,000 foot range and there have already been productive wells at over 20,000 feet

A new dawn…

Good Morning San Antonio and South Texas!

A new dawn is breaking in this town and for the future of our 62 year old company, Lake Truck Lines, Inc. In June of this year we closed on a 10 acre tract of scrub brush, trash, and trees and within 45 days transformed it into a working headquarters for Lake Truck Lines.

What brought us here? A combination of business, work ethic, and community spirit that was lacking in H-Town. We knew immediately we had made the right decision. We’ve doubled the number of employees and equipment since moving here just 3 short months ago and poised to add 20 more jobs in the next 90 days. We are 90 percent finished with Phase One of our facility and Phase Two will begin in December.

The Eagle Ford Shale formation in Central and South Texas is bringing tens of thousands of jobs and limitless opportunities for those willing to grab it. Follow us over the upcoming months as we document the growth of not only our oilfield transportation company but our trailer sales division (Gallegos Trailers) and in 2012, our expansion in the oilfield equipment rental and sales division.

Douglas Cain